Where is the salon?

As you come into Porthtowan, keep on going down Beach Road. The Unicorn pub will be on your left. Keep going all the way down as if you are going onto the Beach. Go past the car park, gift ship, Tris surf shop. I am right next door to the café, with a big blue flag outside.

Parking: You can park anywhere along the loose gravel road for free, NOT anywhere outside car park down to Unicorn, you could get a ticket. There is also parking in car park, which is free Oct-Apr and down by the shop, where there is an honesty box. There is also free Parking over by the surf lifesaver hut.

See you soon!

Ecological Beauty

My aim at Bryluen Beauty is to do my bit to preserve our beautiful Gaia and become as sustainable and eco-friendly as a Beauty business can be. So far:

I have reduced salon waste to 1 bin bag every fortnight. In Cornwall, we are zero landfill, and everything is incinerated to produce energy, which is positive, but I hate the thought of any plastic/glass burning into the ether. So, I recycle every bit of plastic, cardboard, paper and glass I can. Even the gel polish bottles!

I try to avoid purchasing items with cellophane/plastic coverings.

I have a gel polish which is 10 free (of toxic chemicals), cruelty free and vegan.

I have a new nail extension system, which is also 10 free, cruelty free and vegan.

My lash brand comes in fully recyclable cardboard trays and glue bottles are recyclable too.

I limit my personal use on water and try to use less electricity by using little lamps etc.

My sanitizer, laundry wash, and hand soap I will refill from the local weigh and save, where all products are kind to the environment.

I have stopped using santizer wipes and now mix up a barbicide solution, which is medical grade sanitizer, to spray and wipe down.

Single use plastics

Of course, we are required to maintain the strictest hygiene standards, so single-use plastic items have often been essential for my business in the past. You may still see me use single plastic items, for example my glue palettes, which I have hundreds of! I'm looking forward to the day when I can replace this for a Jade stone instead. Also, some gel polish colours may not be as eco-concious as my Halo brand.

There is no point in not using these items up, but I pledge to not buy them again. I now have bamboo mascara wands for clients and I will encourage clients to shampoo and dry these to extend use. Nail files I extend the use of by washing in warm soapy water and using filecide, a high-grade sanitizer. 

Current eco options

If you are eco-concious but you love a beauty treat why not try these options?

A full set of XTensions, full cover tip system, with my Halo gel polish colour.

A relaxing facial.

A lash lift and tint.


Looking to the future, I would like to make public here my goals to further improve my efforts.

Halo, although cruelty free and vegan, is manufactured in China so I would like to reduce air mileage and swap to a UK brand.

I want to gradually phase out all non-eco friendly products and plastics.

I would like to invest in a toxic/cruelty free solvent nail varnish, not just gel polish.

After using up my current brands, I want to source local, sustainable and eco-friendly brands for my manicure, pedicure and facial treaments.

I want to provide more holistic ways to make people feel positive about themselves, including energy healing and massage.

If you have any eco tips for me to improve on, any suggestions or know of any good local brands you could recommend, I would be most grateful. Thank you for supporting me! Claire. Xxx💜💫



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